Deputy French Added to Wall of Honor

Story and pictures by Susan Maxwell Skinner  |  2018-11-18

Photo by Susan Maxwell Skinner

CARMICHAEL, CA (MPH) - Dozens of uniformed Sacramento Sheriff’s officers last weekend joined families who sacrificed loved ones in service to community or nation.

The gathering saluted Deputy Robert French, who was inducted to the Wall of Honor at Patriots Park. The ceremony added French’s plaque to those of 13 previous honorees. Erected by Carmichael Park District, the monument salutes heroes who fell since the District was established in 1945.

A Los Angeles native, French perished during a criminal incident in August 2017. The 52-year-old father of three fell while protecting fellow officers during a gun fight at the Ramada Inn, Auburn Boulevard. A 21-year Sheriff’s Department veteran, he had worked with Problem Oriented Police in the North Area Division. Speaking at Patriots Park, his daughter Kaylen French praised the dad who raised her and siblings in Arden Arcade. “It’s heartbreaking, but I am very proud and honored to celebrate his life today,” she said.

 “We recognize the passage of time does not shield you from the emptiness you feel,” County Supervisor Susan Peters told families of the men whose names are recalled by 14 plaques. “We nevertheless hope Patriots Park is a source of comfort and pride in remembering your loved ones. Whatever uniform they wore, we will be forever grateful for their dedication. The community will never forget their sacrifice.”

Congressman Ami Bera, Sheriff Scott Jones, Carmichael Park District directors were among other dignitaries at Saturday’s memorial.

Patriots Park monument honors the following heroes:

Deputy Robert French, Deputy Danny P. Oliver, CHP Officer Ronald E. Davis, Army Specialist James E. Schlottman, Army Leiutenant Robert S. Byrnes, Airforce Captain Olin E. Gilbert Jnr, Army Sergeant Larry H. Morford, Firefighter Dean W. Rhoades, US Navy pilot Lieutenant  J. G. David A Warne, Marine and firefighter Sergeant Brian E. Dunlap, Deputies Kevin P. Blount and Joseph M. Kievernagel, Army Sergeant Ronald L. Coffelt, Army Specialist Raymond N. Spencer Jnr.

Anyone may visit the Wall of Honor. Patriots Park is located at 6825 Palm Avenue, Fair Oaks.

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Salute to Our Heroes

Story and Picture by Susan Maxwell Skinner  |  2018-11-18

Military veterans and supporters joined a salute during November 11 observances in Carmichael. The Vietnam monument names students of La Sierra high School who died in the Vietnam War.

CARMICHAEL, CA (MPG) - Carmichael's Vietnam Memorial was central to this week’s Veterans Day commemorations. Flags, music and remembrances were shared by nearly 200 visitors.

The first-known California monument to the Vietnam War is in Earl J. Koobs Nature Area, beside the old La Sierra High School on Engle Road. First dedicated in 1973, the lofty steel edifice honors La Sierra graduates who died during Vietnam years. The nature preserve is named for La Sierra science teacher Earl J. Koobs, who fostered its establishment. Before his 2015 death, WW II veteran Koobs presided over many ceremonies honoring fallen La Sierra students.

Under the aegis of Carmichael Kiwanis, the nature area is now a center for community service. Many Boy Scout Eagle Scout projects have been completed in its five acres. Carmichael Organic Gardening Club maintains a butterfly garden and recently erected a Blue Star Marker honoring US those serving the US military.

Heroes named on the nature area’s monument are: Robert D. Anderson, Mark W. Burchard, Robert S. Bynes, Jerry Cowsert, Kenneth R. Escott, Gary R. Field, Herbert Frenzell, Frank Thornburg, Ralph Guarienti, Larry H. Morford, Thomas C. Pigg, Randall B. Rainville, Kim Richins, Jeffry Tharaldson, Robert A. Willis.

Earl J. Koobs Nature Area is open to visitors on the second Saturday of each month, from March to October. For information, go to  or visit the Koobs Nature Area site on Facebook.

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ARC Presents "In Love and Warcraft"

ARC Love and Warcraft  |  2018-11-18

Romantic and Rowdy Opens Soon at ARC

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - “In Love and Warcraft,” a romantic comedy with a modern twist that will ring true to anyone with a smart phone, a computer, or a social media account, opens November 23 for a three-week run at American River College.  Set on a college campus reminiscent of ARC and CSUS, this play by Madhury Shekar also takes brief forays to into the video game World of Warcraft with truly unexpected results.  The production takes place at ARC’s intimate Stage Two Theatre and is Rated R for adult language and content.

Directed by Pamela Downs, “In Love and Warcraft” follows the exploits of Evie Malone (Kloe Walker), a smart, socially awkward gamer girl and English major who commands a top-ranked guild in Warcraft with her online boyfriend Ryan (Adam Garn). Despite being a confirmed virgin, Evie has discovered she has a knack for writing love letters (and texts and Facebook posts) for her less articulate peers, and the skill has become quite a money-maker.  When she meets the handsome and sensitive Raul (Naum Josan), however, she finds herself in a non-virtual relationship of her own and no amount of gaming expertise will help her! Critics, both online and in print, agree that Shekar’s lively perspective with this play is a breath of fresh air.

All performances of “In Love and Warcraft” will be at the American River College’s Stage Two Theatre, 4700 College Oak Drive, Sacramento. Parking is $2 at the recommended Lot D (corner of College Oak and Myrtle).  SEATING IS LIMITED.  Ticket prices are $15/general, and $12/student/seniors/sarta. For tickets and information, go to or call the ARC Box Office at (916) 484-8234. 

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SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG) - With the election just weeks away, the Yes on Prop 6 Gas Tax Repeal Campaign has released government documents and records showing numerous examples of “epic levels” of waste, fraud and abuse of gas tax funds and other taxpayer resources at Caltrans and local transportation agencies throughout California.

The records and documents were obtained through the California Public Records Act (CPRA) process and cover only materials received back from the CA Dept. of Transportation (Caltrans), local transportation agencies in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, the Bay Area, and Sacramento. Other local government agencies also receive and spend gas tax funds - raising the question of how many more examples of waste of gas tax funds exist.

“These examples of outrageous waste of the gas tax and other taxpayer resources provide the best reason to vote YES on Prop 6 the Gas Tax Repeal Initiative,” said Carl DeMaio, chairman of the campaign. “Our existing gas tax funds are being wasted and we demand that these revelations of outrageous expenditures be immediately reformed before we give these people any more of our taxpayer dollars,” noted DeMaio.

“These outrageous examples of waste of our gas tax funds is proof that voters cannot trust California government agencies with even a penny more of their money until efficiency and accountability reforms can clean up these excessive expenditures,” said Carl DeMaio, Chairman of Yes on Prop 6 Gas Tax Repeal Campaign. “Voters can send a strong message by voting YES on Prop 6 to repeal the costly and unfair gas and car tax hikes,” DeMaio concluded.

Facts about this massive hike:

–Voting Yes on Prop 6 will repeal the car and gas tax, and ensures that any future car and gas taxes must be approved by the voters
–On Nov 1, 2017, Californians became subject to an additional tax of 12.5 cents more per gallon (20 cents more for diesel)
–Estimates suggest it will cost an average family of four $779 or more per family, per year
–The tax also hits business owners who rely on transporting goods, raising the cost of everything from apples to bread, and everything in between
–Vehicle license fees (car tax) will increase as much as $175 a year - striking the wallets of hard-working families across the state
–The tax revenue goes into the state’s General Fund, meaning there’s zero guarantee the money will be used to actually fund the transportation “fixes”  they claim will happen
–Nearly 1 million signatures were collected to qualify the measure on the November ballot; just over 550,000 were required

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Job demand and hiring trends for the 4th Quarter

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - Sacramento employers have slowed hiring with shortages of skills and applicants. However, they continue to seek expansion of workforces in the final Quarter of 2018. Down from sixty-six percent (66%) hiring in the previous three months, Pacific Staffing discovered in direct contacts with top regional employer’s fifty-seven percent (57%) will hire in October, November and December. Twenty percent (20%) of all companies report a lack of applicants as a major challenge.

While top regional employers, contacted by phone between August 23rd and September 21, will cut overall marketplace demand, those seeking workers are still motivated by expansion or growth needs in the workforce. Forty-one percent (41%) will hire for growth in the next three months with replacements within existing workforces accounting for thirty-two percent (32%) of employer demand in the Quarter ahead. Six percent (6%) of Sacramento companies also report some increased hiring for seasonal needs thru the next three months. Only one company polled reports plans to reduce workers with layoffs in Fourth Quarter (Q4) due to market slowdowns.

Seasonal shopping is going to be a gamble as Sacramento retailers polled were split 50/50 on hiring or not in October, November and December. Twenty percent of employers surveyed say simply finding applicants is a major challenge in meeting demands in the Sacramento market. Retention is another challenge. Signing bonuses and incentives like additional vacation or Flex time are being offered in the efforts to keep current skilled, experienced workers at the job and attract talent from outside the area.

One trend in employment and management appears to have lost some of the luster enjoyed in the past decade. When asked in the current booming economy with shortages of skills and applicants if ‘outsourcing’ work overseas is IN or OUT, fifty-eight percent (58%) of all Sacramento companies reported no interest in using it. While some regional employers have ‘outsourced’ and others have not, some are unable to and some forbidden to, outsourcing issues cited included ‘challenges’ in cost, management and additional paperwork in compliance with government rules.

Twenty-four (24%) of Sacramento companies report finding some specific success in utilizing out of market and international resources for printing, design, office or management functions and customer service needs. Skills in top demand for Q4 include drivers, sales, tech, warehouse, shipping and manufacturing. Employers also cite needs for specialized skills including escrow/mortgage, accounting/finance and construction trade workers.

For more information, employment blogs and market surveys go to

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SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - Sacramento County 9-1-1 Centers representing all law enforcement and fire agencies in the region are excited to announce Text-to-9-1-1 service is available countywide.  This means all 9-1-1 Public Safety Dispatch Centers are now equipped to receive and respond to mobile phone Text-to-9-1-1 messages from our citizens.  

Individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing members of the community, or those in a situation where it is too dangerous to dial 9-1-1, will have another option to call for help in an emergency, Text-to-9-1-1. The benefits to our citizens are significant, especially in cases when the caller cannot communicate verbally.  Examples include not only the hard of hearing, but also when a crime is in progress, the caller is facing domestic abuse, the caller is injured and cannot speak, or other scenarios. 

In anticipation of providing this service, we wanted to share some information with you.

Even where text-to-9-1-1 is available, if you can make a voice call to 9-1-1, please call instead of texting

Here are some guidelines for how to contact 9-1-1.  If you use a wireless phone or other type of mobile device, make sure to do the following in an emergency:

•              If you can, always contact 9-1-1 by making a voice call, “Call if you can – text if you can’t.”

•              If you are deaf and hard of hearing and Text-to- 9-1-1 is not available, use a TTY or telecommunications relay service, if available.

•              If you text 9-1-1 and text is not available at that time or in your area, you will receive a bounce back message advising “text is not available please make a voice call to 9-1-1.”

•              Location accuracy varies by carrier and should not be relied upon. Be prepared to give your location.

•              Text-to-9-1-1 service will not be available if the wireless carrier cannot ascertain a location of the device sending the message.

•              Text-to-9-1-1 is not available if you are roaming.

•              A text or data plan is required to place a text to 9-1-1.

•              Photos and videos cannot be sent to 9-1-1. They cannot be received at

the 9-1-1 center currently. 

•              Text messages should be sent in plain language and not contain

popular abbreviations (SMH, LOL, ICYMI) or emojis, which will not be


•              Text-to- 9-1-1 cannot be sent to more than one person.  Do not

send your emergency text to anyone other than 9-1-1.

•              Texts must be in English only.  There currently is no language

interpretation for text available.  This is still in development.


This is exciting news for our region and we are looking forward to providing this

service to our community.     

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See You Later, Alligator

Story and photos by Susan Maxwell Skinner  |  2018-11-02

Alligator Izard proved an arresting armful for wildlife expert Gabe Kerschner during the NatureFest event at Effie Yeaw Nature Center. The 103-pound reptile showed an inner pussycat and allowed scores of kids – including Roseville Cub Scout Logan Winkler – to pet his scaly hide.

CARMICHAEL, CA (MPG) - Raptors, reptiles, marsupials and mammals were among educators featured at the Effie Yeaw Nature Center’s recent NatureFest. Beneath fall skies and autumn leaves, more than 1500 visitors supported the annual festival. Programs aim to encourage wildlife appreciation through education.

Save the Snakes – a non-profit that champions one of nature’s most misunderstood species, offered a program designed to dispel many myths. Gopher and king snakes slithered into the spotlight as living exhibits. Among other presenters, wildlife expert Gabe Kerschner brought an exotic cast from Wild Things, his Placer County animal sanctuary.

All rescued from adversity, his animals are stars of hundreds of television and school programs. Those who made the Carmichael journey included alligator Izard, a lemur called Ringo, Opie the opossum, iguana Linguini and kinkajou Nike.

Kerschner’s commentary outlined heartbreaking animal rescues. Six-foot Izard was pulled from a Los Angeles apartment bathtub and now thrives at the Colfax wildlife preserve on fish supplied by Nimbus Fish Hatchery. One of an endangered species, lemur Ringo barely survived an illegal smuggling operation and – 24 year later – the petite primate is one of Kerschner’s most popular ambassadors.

Resident Nature Center raptors also interacted with visitors. Shell crafts and animal track recognition were among many activities offered for children. As the facility is also a center for Native American studies, Maidu basketry was demonstrated in the replica native village.

Learn more about Effie Yeaw programs at

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